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Theme: Jesus - His encounters

Jesus - His encounters in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

The theme of encounters with Jesus is a significant concept in the Bible, highlighting the transformative power of meeting the Son of God.

The Bible includes many stories of individuals who had life-changing encounters with Jesus, such as the blind man who was healed and the woman at the well who received forgiveness.

As children's workers, it's important to help young learners connect with Jesus and understand the importance of encountering him.

This page offers a variety of ideas for creative and engaging activities that promote a deeper understanding of Jesus and the impact he has on our lives.

These activities include lessons on Jesus' teachings, interactive prayer and worship experiences, and opportunities for community service and outreach.

By emphasizing the theme of encounters with Jesus, children's workers can help young learners experience the transformative power of Jesus' love and message.


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