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Curriculum - Year 1 (52 lessons)

A comprehensive Sunday school curriculum for a whole year

We are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Sunday school and children's ministry curriculum, consisting of 52 engaging and interactive lessons! 

Each of our lessons is designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience, featuring an icebreaker, children's moments for during the church service, storytelling tips, a short YouTube video with reflection, a science experiment, several object lessons, several games, several crafts, and one or more creative prayer ideas.

All of our lessons are available for download in PDF format, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose the activities that best fit the needs and interests of your group, as well as the amount of time you have to work with them. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality resources that will engage and inspire your young learners, while also empowering you as a teacher to effectively deliver each lesson.

Schedule Year 1

Please find below a suggestion of a schedule of Bible stories and passages for our year 1 curriculum.

The life of Abram

  1. Sunday 27/08/23: God calls Abram 
  2. Sunday 03/09/23: Abram's journey to the promised land
  3. Sunday 10/09/23: Abram and Lot separate 
  4. Sunday 17/09/23: Abram counts the stars
  5. Sunday 24/09/23: Abram and Hagar
  6. Sunday 01/10/23: Abraham and his three visitors
  7. Sunday 08/10/23: Abraham sends Hagar and Ishmael away
  8. Sunday 15/10/23: Abraham sacrifices his son Isaac

The life of Joseph

  1. Sunday 22/10/23: Joseph and his coat of many colours
  2. Sunday 29/10/23: Joseph thrown into the well
  3. Sunday 05/11/23: Joseph and Potiphar´s wife
  4. Sunday 12/11/23: Joseph and Pharaoh´s dreams
  5. Sunday 19/11/23: Joseph meets his brothers in Egypt
  6. Sunday 26/11/23: Joseph reconciles with this brothers


  1. Sunday 03/12/23: Zechariah meets the angel Gabriel 
  2. Sunday 10/12/23: Mary meets the angel Gabriel
  3. Sunday 17/12/23: Mary meets Elisabeth              
  4. Sunday 24/12/23: The birth of John the Baptist (Christmas Eve)


  1. Monday 25/12/23: Jesus is born  (Christmas Day)

The life of Jesus  

  1. Sunday 07/01/24: Simeon and Anna: Waiting for Jesus 
  2. Sunday 14/01/24: Jesus as a twelve year old in the temple 
  3. Sunday 21/01/24: John the Baptist called by God 
  4. Sunday 28/01/24: Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist 
  5. Sunday 04/02/24: Jesus is tempted in the desert 
  6. Sunday 11/02/24: Jesus calls his disciples 
  7. Sunday 18/02/24:Jesus rejected in Nazareth  
  8. Sunday 25/02/24: Jesus calls Levi 
  9. Sunday 03/03/24: Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey 


  1. Sunday 10/03/24: Jesus is betrayed by his friends 
  2. Sunday 17/03/24: Jesus is a different king
  3. Sunday 24/03/24: Why have you forsaken me?     
    Friday 29/03/24: (Good Friday)
  4. Sunday 31/03/24: He is risen! (Easter)
  5. Sunday 07/04/24: On the road to Emmaus    
  6. Sunday 14/04/24: Jesus appears to his disciples             
  7. Sunday 21/04/24: The denial and restoration of Peter               
  8. Sunday 28/04/24: Parable of the ten virgins


  1. Sunday 05/05/24: The Ascension of Jesus
    Thursday 05/09/24   (Ascension Day)
  2. Sunday 12/05/24: Matthias chosen as the new apostle 
  3. Sunday 19/05/24: Pentecost, the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)
  4. Sunday 26/05/24: The unity of the early church 
  5. Sunday 02/06/24: Living like Christ - Philippians   


  1. Sunday 09/06/24: Psalm 23 - The Lord is my Shepherd
  2. Sunday 16/06/24: Psalm 24 - Taking care of God’s creation 
  3. Sunday 23/06/24: Psalm 150 - Praise the Lord 

Parables of Jesus

  1. Sunday 30/06/24: Parable of the Pharisee and Tax collector 
  2. Sunday 07/07/24: Parable of the Good Samaritan 
  3. Sunday 14/07/24: Parable of the Talents 

Encounters with Jesus

  1. Sunday 21/07/24: Jesus heals Peter’s mother-in-law   
  2. Sunday 28/07/24: Jesus heals a man with leprosy           
  3. Sunday 04/08/24: Jesus heals the paralysed man
  4. Sunday 11/08/24: Jesus heals Jairus daughter and the woman suffering from bleeding 
  5. Sunday 18/08/24: Is Jesus more than a carpenter? 
  6. Sunday 25/08/24: Zacchaeus welcomes Jesus 
Curriculum%20-%20Year%201%2052%20lessons%202-a0b5a615  Curriculum - Year 1 (52 lessons)

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