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Video - NT: Life of Jesus: Zacchaeus - Red's Angry Story

Use this secular YouTube video and reflective activities to hold a creative discussion with the children

Why is Red always so angry? In this short film you can see a number of situations in Red's life. Both Red and Zacchaeus don't really fit in the group. Zacchaeus has become wealthy at the expense of other people. Jesus does not allow himself to be chased away by Zacchaeus, but instead breaks through his wall. This changes him. Draw parallels with the two stories for a creative discussion. 

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19:1-10. 

View the idea below...


angry%20red-960fff9d Video - NT: Life of Jesus: Zacchaeus - Red's Angry Story

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