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Helping you become the teacher that kids love to learn from.

At Creative Kidswork, our passion is to help you become the person whom children love to learn from.

This way, they will develop a love for the Bible, become rooted in the Scriptures, and turn into doers of God's Word as they grow in their faith and walk with God.

We offer you a treasure trove of 2000+ activities, including a two year Sunday school curriculum that you can apply straightaway in your church, school or home.

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Ideal for children's ministry in churches

Ideal for elementary and primary schools

Ideal for homeschooling

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Are you already using an existing curriculum?

We encourage churches and school already following a specific curriculum to consider a membership with us. With over 2,000 creative activities at your disposal, I believe our resources can significantly enhance your children's ministry.

Whether you're looking to add excitement, delve deeper into God's Word, or foster better reflection on the Bible among the children, our activities offer real benefits that complement your current curriculum.

We balance the three E's in everything we do:


Our passion is to assist you in guiding children to develop a love for the Bible and to become deeply rooted in the Scriptures.

This mission extends beyond merely learning facts about the Bible. It's about igniting curiosity, encouraging questions, and fostering a deep, personal connection with God’s Word.


Our passion is to assist you in helping children become doers of God's Word and put their faith into practice.

It's about giving children the tools and confidence to express their faith and make a difference. We see potential in every child, fostering leadership, teamwork, and a sense of responsibility.


Our passion is to assist you in making learning fun, because when children enjoy what they are doing, they are in the best position to learn and grow.

Entertainment in ministry isn't just about having fun; it's a tool, a way to fully engage children, ensuring the message of love and faith isn't just heard but felt and remembered."

We offer you a library of over 2000 children's ministry activities!

Drawing from decades of experience, we've collected the best ideas, lessons, activities, and resources, creating a treasure trove available to you on CreativeKidswork.com.

Our website is designed to support you, if you're looking for inspiring lessons, seeking fresh inspiration, or a fun extra activity to spice up your current Sunday school curriculum.

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Kate Milosevic


"Creative KidsWork is an internet gem so many kids ministry leaders need. Its easily navigated library is bursting at the seams with inspiration to help ignite the passions, and build on the strengths, of each unique church leader and the kids they teach."

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Anne Marie Gosnell


"Creative KidsWork is a treasure-trove of engaging content for anyone who teaches the Bible to children. I love the chronological year-long curriculum!

From object lessons to crafts to engaging dialogue, this membership has it all!"

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Kym Arensen

Naivasha International Fellowship (Kenya)
Well done on a great curriculum! The kids loved it last week and hopefully such a well put together and fun Sunday School lesson curriculum will encourage the hesitant to plunge right in and give teaching Sunday School a try!

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    Get a year of access to all the lessons, curriculum, resources and activities for just $1,45 a week.

    Ideal for churches and schools, allowing all your children’s workers or teachers to use the site. 
    And also for indivuals involved in home schooling or children's minstry. 

    Become a member for just

    $1,45 per week
    "This is far less than the cost of a single cup of coffee a week!"
    Your membership is billed annually at $75.
    No risk! We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee.

    Memberships renew automatically each year; you'll receive an advance email reminder should you wish to cancel. 

    Cancellation is easy: visit Support or email us. We also offer refunds for unintended renewals.

    Get a full refund if Creative Kidswork is not what you're looking for!

    If our lessons and activities are not what you're looking for, we will offer you a full refund of your money in the first week of your membership. Just sent us a quick email and we will send you your money back!


    Because we believe that Creative Kidswork is all about you! We want to help you to become the person that children love to learn from, so that you can help them grow in their faith, build a vibrant community and shape the future.

    "I really believe that Creative Kidswork can benefit you. Therefore, I invite you to become part of the many churches and schools all over the world already using our lessons and ideas.

    Together, we can help children develop a love for the Bible, become rooted in the Scriptures, and become doers of God’s Word, so that they may grow in their faith and walk with God."

    Matt Vlaardingerbroek
    Children's Pastor | Over 30 Years of Experience | Creator of This Site
    The Netherlands

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