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Theme: Hospitality / welcome

Hospitality / welcome in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

Hospitality is a major theme in the Bible, from Abraham welcoming his three visitors to the promises that believers may receive angels as guests. But what does hospitality really mean, and why does God consider it so important? As children's workers, it's our responsibility to help kids explore these questions and learn to cultivate a spirit of hospitality in their own lives.

At its core, hospitality goes beyond simply offering a cup of tea and a biscuit. It involves opening our hearts and homes to others, making them feel welcome and valued, and creating a sense of warmth and connection. It is an act of love and generosity that can have a profound impact on those we welcome into our lives.

Questions that children can consider include: What is hospitality, and why is it so important to God? To whom should we extend hospitality, and how can we learn to be more hospitable in our daily lives? Through interactive activities, Bible study, and other resources, you can help kids develop a deeper understanding of hospitality and learn to apply these principles to their own lives.

On this page, you will find creative ideas, resources, and activities that you can use in your children's ministry, kid's church, children's and youth work, or Christian primary school to explore the theme of hospitality. These resources can help kids learn how to create a welcoming environment, practice acts of kindness and generosity, and develop a heart for service.

With these materials, you can create an environment that fosters spiritual growth and encourages children to cultivate a deep sense of hospitality and generosity. By helping kids learn to extend hospitality to others, you can help them develop a strong, resilient faith that will carry them through life's challenges.

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