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Theme: Story - Sketchboard stories

Story - Sketchboard stories in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

A sketchboard is a powerful tool for communicating Bible stories to children. With simple brushes and paint, anyone can create a painting of a Bible story while telling it.

You might think, "I can't paint!" but the great thing about sketchboard stories is that they're easy to learn and require only simple paintings and lettering.

They're incredibly effective at capturing children's attention and interest.

If you're a Christian children's worker, pastor, or teacher, you'll find a wealth of sketchboard stories to use in your ministry.

Check out the many available resources below to learn how to tell sketchboard stories and engage children in the beauty and truth of God's Word. Besides all the sketchboard stories we offer you seven instruction video's on how to create a sketchboard painting with it's amazing letters. 


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