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Bible story: Nehemiah restores the gates and wall of Jerusalem

Creative activities based on the Bible story of Nehemiah restores the gates and wall of Jerusalem

In Nehemiah chapters 1-7, we find the story of Nehemiah, a Jewish man who served as the cupbearer to the Persian king. Nehemiah received news that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down and the city was vulnerable to attack. He had a strong desire to see the city rebuilt and the people restored, so he prayed to God and received permission from the king to travel to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls. With the help of the people, Nehemiah worked hard to rebuild the walls, despite opposition from neighboring enemies. This story teaches us about the importance of determination and prayer, and the power of God to bring about His plans and purposes. It also shows us the importance of community and working together for a common goal.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to the Bible story of Nehemiah restoring the walls of Jerusalem, which you can use in your Bible lessons, kidmin, kid’s ministry, elementary school or homeschooling.