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Theme: Worry / anxiety

Worry / anxiety in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

Worry and anxiety are common human experiences, and the Bible addresses this theme in various passages. In the Old and New Testaments, believers are admonished not to worry, but rather to trust in God's provision and care.

The Bible acknowledges the challenges of life, but encourages readers to cast their burdens on God, who is able to provide peace and comfort in the midst of difficulties.

Additionally, the Bible teaches the importance of seeking first God's kingdom and righteousness, rather than being consumed by worldly concerns. The theme of worry and worrying in the Bible offers wisdom and guidance for those seeking to find peace and rest in God.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to worry which you can use in your children’s work, children’s church, Sunday school, or Christian primary school.

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