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Theme: Telling the truth

Telling the truth in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

The concept of truth is a central theme in the Bible, with Jesus himself describing himself as "the Truth." In addition, one of the Ten Commandments given by God to the Jewish people through Moses is to "not bear false witness" or lie.

However, while telling the truth is important, it can also be complicated. What happens when the truth may hurt someone's feelings or damage a relationship? These are important questions to consider when examining the topic of truth in the Bible.

On this page, you will find a wide range of creative ideas, resources, and activities related to the theme of truth-telling.

These resources can be used in your kid's work, kidsmin, Sunday school lessons, or Christian elementary school. Activities can include lessons on biblical stories that highlight the importance of truth-telling, discussions on when it may be appropriate to withhold the truth, and exercises on how to communicate honestly and effectively.

By emphasizing the theme of truth, children can learn about the importance of honesty and integrity in their relationships with others and with God.

They can also learn how to navigate difficult situations and communicate truth in a way that is both loving and respectful.

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