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Welcome to more than 101 Christian magic tricks, routines, video's and gospel illusions

Gospel Magic Unveiled: An Interactive Guide for Christian Magicians

As a dedicated Christian magician with years of experience, I understand the profound impact that well-crafted gospel illusions can have. Throughout my extensive career, performing nearly 150 vibrant Gospel shows per year, incorporating ventriloquism, storytelling, and magic into my acts, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of magic merged with meaningful narrative. These performances serve as an innovative approach to guide and inspire children to embrace the teachings of God.

I am incredibly pleased to provide access to an extensive collection of over a hundred magic tricks, routines, and illusions right here on this site. Most of these resources are a testament to my personal journey in the field, having been utilized and refined, often hundrends of times, in my effort to engage and enrich the lives of young minds.

The majority of these magic routines are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing you to seamlessly adopt them. As a young magician, trained under the wing of OAC Ministries/Open Air Campaigners, I too began my journey by emulating the techniques of seasoned evangelists. I learnt that it's perfectly acceptable to start by imitating before developing your unique style.

I encourage you to utilize these resources to your heart's content. The ideas shared here are more than sufficient to create several engaging, high-quality hour-long shows.

So, dive in. Enjoy, practice, adopt these tricks, mold them into your own unique style, and most importantly, use them to enlighten as many children as possible with the invaluable wisdom of the Scriptures. Enjoy the journey and remember, through the art of magic, we're making the Gospel message more accessible and compelling for the younger generation.

                                                                                               Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek

Christian magician, ventrilioquist and storyteller
Owner of CreativeKidswork.com

Christian%20magician%20-%20Matthijs%20Vlaardingerbroek%20-%20CreativeKidswork-c2d81b22  Welcome to more than 101 Christian magic tricks, routines, video's and gospel illusions

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