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Teaching Forgiveness with a Pencil

Use this powerful object lesson to teach kids about living our life with God

This is a simple object lesson which uses a big pencil to discuss five of the beautiful aspects of living life with God. It will help the children to reflect on the following themes: outside / inside, God’s leadership, God’s correcting presence in our lives, forgiveness and bearing fruit.  

It's a beautiful and simple exercise that uses a pencil to illustrate five vital aspects of living life with God.

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What you need:

  • a large pencil

Let's start...


There are a lot of things a pencil can teach you. You will need a large pencil. 

1. There is a hand that directs the pencil: 

Just like a pencil needs a hand to draw, we need God's loving guidance to help us make the right choices and be kind to others. God is always there to guide us, like a friend helping us draw a beautiful picture.

2. A pencil needs to be sharpened:

Sometimes a pencil gets dull and needs to be sharpened to draw well again. In the same way, God helps us learn and grow so we can be our best selves. He's like a loving teacher helping us get better at loving and caring for others.

God wants to sharpen us. With His Spirit he wants to work in our life and shape us more and more into His image.

3. A pencil trace can be erased: 

If you make a mistake with a pencil, you can erase it and start fresh. God forgives us when we say we're sorry for doing something wrong. He makes everything clean again, just like an eraser!

4. A pencil is all about the inside: 

A pencil has a special part inside called lead that lets it draw. It's not about how the pencil looks on the outside. God cares about what's inside our hearts and how we treat others, not how we look or what clothes we wear.

5. A pencil leaves a trace: 

When you draw with a pencil, it leaves a mark on the paper. The things we do and say leave marks on people's hearts too. God wants us to leave happy marks by being loving, kind, and helpful to others. We can be like bright, colorful drawings that make people smile!

If we lay our lives in God's hand, our life will leave an incredible trace, allowing God to create the most beautiful picture through us.

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