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Game - Save the egg!

Team-building Bible game: Emphasizing unity and the Body of Christ

This engaging game is designed to foster teamwork among children, reflecting Christian principles of unity and cooperation. It provides a fun way to explore themes such as the Body of Christ, the significance of every believer's role, and the need for believers to support and value one another.

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What you need:

  • a raw egg
  • a plastic bag
  • some string
  • scissors
  • a piece of A4 paper
  • an elastic band
  • glue
  • an empty toilet paper roll

Let's start...


Strengthening bonds between children by working together.

Understanding the Body of Christ:
Helping children grasp how every believer plays a crucial role within the community.

Appreciating One Another:
Teaching children that, as believers, they need each other's gifts and talents.


Divide the children into teams:
Give each team a raw egg, a plastic bag, some string, a piece of A4 paper, an elastic band, scissors, an empty toilet paper roll, and glue.

Build a parachute:
Instruct the teams to use the provided materials to create a parachute to attach to the egg. Encourage creativity and cooperation.

The Egg Drop challenge:
Have the teams drop the egg with the attached parachute from the first floor of a building. The goal is to keep the egg whole during the fall.

Declare the winner:
The team whose egg remains unbroken is the winner!

Reflect on the lesson:
Discuss with the children how working together and valuing each other's gifts made the game successful. Relate this to the principles of the Body of Christ and how believers support one another.


This game offers a fun and interactive way to teach children valuable lessons about Christian community and collaboration. It can be used as an addition to any children's ministry or Christian education setting. Enjoy building parachutes and unity!

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