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Experiment - OT: Abram (4) counts the stars - Germinating seeds

Use this easy-to-do experiment to reflect on the Bible story of Abram counting the stars

This experiment is a fun and hands-on way to teach children about the concept of multiplication and growth, as well as the story of Abram's dream. By watching their plants grow and multiply, children can better understand how God's promises to Abram came true, and how we can trust in His promises for our own lives.

This activity is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story in Genesis 15: 1 - 6, where God calls Abram to count all the stars and promises him as many offspring as the stars.

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experiment%20-%20germinating%20seeds%20-%20Abram%20counts%20the%20stars-4648ef75 Experiment - OT: Abram (4) counts the stars - Germinating seeds

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