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Craft - NT: Philippians - Together we are one: Canvas craft activity

A unifying craft activity you can use in your programme on the book of Philippians

In Paul's letter to the Philippians, he emphasized the unity of the church, how they all belonged together. To understand this concept better, we are going to create a large art piece that embodies unity, consisting of several small individual artworks. Just as the church in Philippi was one, our combined paintings will create one unified image.

This activity is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the book of Philippians: Living like Christ


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What you need:

  • a small 10x10 cm canvas for each participant
  • paint and brushes, or wax crayons

Let's start...


Tell: We are about to create a big painting together, composed of various small paintings. Each participant will contribute to this larger piece, highlighting how we can all come together as one, much like the church in Philippi.

Do: Read the text from the letter to the Philippians again, focusing on the unity among the people.

Ask: Encourage children to reflect on what binds the people of Philippi together and whether achieving such unity is easy.

Tell: Announce the theme of the painting - a meadow of flowers. Each participant will paint their own flower, but they need to ensure the edges of their canvas blend seamlessly with the ones adjacent to it, creating a cohesive whole.

Tip: Here's a practical suggestion to organize the activity. Write the name of each child lightly in pencil on their individual canvases. Arrange these canvases on the floor to form a large square or rectangle. Mark on the four edges of each canvas the names of the participants whose canvas touches that side. This way, everyone will know who they need to coordinate with to make their paintings blend together seamlessly.

Do: Depending on the age of the children, you may want to pre-draw the shapes of the flowers that overlap two or more canvases. This will help them in creating their part of the picture and will make reassembling the canvases, like a puzzle, easier at the end.


With each stroke of paint or crayon, you have not only created beautiful individual flowers, but also contributed to a larger, unified piece of art. This activity is a creative representation of unity and collaboration.

Just as we brought together our small canvases to create one big painting, we too can come together, valuing and blending our unique contributions to make something beautiful. Let this artwork serve as a reminder of the unity and togetherness that Paul emphasized in his letter to the Philippians.

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