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Bible study - The Bible Explorer cards

Download 10 easy-to-do Bible story cards to help you do Bible study with children in a new and refreshing way

Sure, telling Bible stories to children and teenagers is great, but there comes a time when it's even better to help them learn directly from the Bible. Reading and understanding the Bible themselves is the next big adventure.

So, we've created ten questions that will help you explore any Bible story. These questions are like a treasure map, especially for the four gospels.

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What you need:

  • Download the cards below


Let's start...

Introducing: The Bible Explorer cards!

What do you do when the kids and teenagers you're telling a Bible story to already know it so well they could probably share it better than you? Here's the twist: You don't tell the story at all! "Huh!? Don't tell the story?" That's right! Instead, you let them tell it to each other, making it a fun game where everyone joins in. Your job? Simply ask engaging questions and share your own thoughts.

When we played this game with teenagers, we made it into an exciting journey through the gospel of Mark. Each week we gave them all a piece of paper with a short passage from Mark. Then they would pick one of the ten Bible Explorer cards (without looking at it first) and that would be their question about the passage that we were going to look at.

Ten_Bible_Story_Cards_-_Let_the_children_do_the_Bible_study_with_these_ten_interactive_cards_in_Sunday_school_or_kids_ministry Bible study - The Bible Explorer cards

Ten questions

  1. Read the Bible passage out loud.
  2. Tell the Bible story in your own words
  3. Which part or words from the story don’t I understand?
  4. What does the main character do in this story?
  5. What does Jesus or God do in the story?
  6. What can we learn from the main character in the story?
  7. What can we learn from Jesus or from God in the story?
  8. What surprises me in the story?
  9. What does this story mean for us today?
  10. What did I learn from this story that will make a change in my life?

The surprise of a different card every week keeps things exciting, and even though some started to complain, we had fun and learned a lot!


Show the kids or teenagers the ten Bible Explorer Cards. If you have more than ten kids, just make more cards. Each child or teenager grabs a card without peeking. Every child in the group will have at least one card. The cards are numbered, and you'll call out, "Who has card number one?" Then, the adventure unfolds as you move from card to card.

As the guide, your job is to challenge easy answers with more questions. But remember, make them think hard with a grin and a playful comment!

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