Magic trick - Joker Tube: ‘Noah releases the birds’

Noah has been in the ark with all the animals for a long time. First he releases a raven, and it keeps flying back and forth until the water has dried up. Then Noah sends out a dove to see if the water has receded. But the dove can't find anywhere to perch because there is still water everywhere, so it returns to Noah in the ark. Noah waits seven more days and then sends out the dove from the ark again. When the dove returns to him in the evening, there in its beak is a freshly plucked olive leaf!

What a wonderful, but also a well known story. How can you illustrate it? How can you make the storytelling visual?  

Noah releases the birds

May we once more suggest the Joker Tube / Stratosphere magic trick? It is a very easy trick which enables you to tell this great Bible story in a school assembly, during a preach, as a children's moment in a church, etc. We like our gospel magic tricks to be very easy, but powerful in supporting the Biblical message. The Joker Tube / Stratosphere fulfills both these requirements. Anybody can do this. It is so easy, and at the same so powerful in helping you deliver a Biblical mesage. 

In the video below we demonstrate how you can use the Joke Tube to tell the story of Noah releasing the birds and discovering that the earth is dry again.

We will also give a reliable link, where you can buy this trick for yourself.

Noah in the ark, Noah releases the raven and the dove, the dove with the olive leaf, being patient, trusting in God

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