Game - Jesus is alive: ‘Musical circles'

A fun game in which the children will experience the Easter Bible story

A fun way to take the children through the story of Easter using coloured circles…..

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the Easter Bible story in Luke 24: 1 - 12.

This fun Easter Bible game will help the children in your Sunday school lesson, youth ministry, Bible lesson, VBS, kidmin, children’s church or children’s ministry to reflect on this powerful Bible passage.

Musical circles an Easter Bible game on the resurrection of Jesus for Sunday school lessons childrens ministry youth ministry kidmin and VBS

What do you need:

- sheets of A4 paper in the following colours: green, pink, red, purple, brown, blue, black, white, grey, yellow.

Cut circles out of each sheet of paper. If you don’t have any time for this, you can just use the A4 sheets. You need one circle for each child in the group, so if you have more than 10 children you will need more than one of each coloured circle. 

What do you do:

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