Game - Abram and Lot:´Feed the sheep relay race’

A fun Bible game about the Bible story of Abram and Lot separating

Abram and Lot’s shepherds are arguing. There isn’t enough food for all their sheep, goats and other animals. What does it feel like to have not enough food, that you then also have to share with others?

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the Bible story in Genesis 13: 1 - 18

This game will help the children in your Sunday school lesson, youth ministry, Bible lesson, VBS, kidmin, children’s church or children’s ministry to reflect on this powerful Bible passage.

Feed the sheep relay fun Bible game about Bible story Abram Lot separating Sunday school lesson VBS youth ministry Bible lesson childrens ministry school assembly childrens church kidmin

What do you need:

- three buckets
- wads of paper
- tape to make a line on the floor

What do you do:

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