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Puppets - Heaven invites you to a party: a puppet script / Christmas

A complete puppet script about the Christmas story.
You can use this script to explain the gospel to children.


Underneath you can read a small part of the script:


Wise Man 1:

I say chaps, which way to Bethlehem?

Well, sir, if I was going to Bethlehem, I wouldn’t start from here. Take the ring road at Damascus and go south of Jerusalem.

(Enter other two wise men. One had headphones on and is boogying, the other is carrying presents)

Wise Man 2: 
This is typical, this is. I knew we’d get lost. Follow the star they told us. So off we go, but then what happens? It starts to rain. Bloomin’ clouds. Can’t see a thing. You just can’t trust the weather men these days. (To the headphones) Are you listening?

(No response - he carries on dancing)

Wise Man 2:
Who has to carry all the presents? Me that’s who.

Wise Man 3: (stops dancing)
Hey, man, cool it, ok?

Wise Man 2:
And now we’ll never get there on time. I told you we should have turned left at the Jordan.

Wise Man 1: (He’s been talking to Paddy, and now comes over to join the others.)
Not to worry, chaps. I know where we are now. Let’s get going.

Wise Man 3:
Hey man, that’s cool.


You can download the whole 8 page script below:

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