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YouTube video - Follow Me: ‘Chicken or the egg’ - the calling of Peter

Use the video 'Chicken or the egg' to talk about following Jesus

A pig is sitting in a restaurant eating loads of eggs. He is addicted to eating eggs. Then suddenly the love of his life comes into the restaurant…and it is a chicken. Pig realises that if he wants to be with Chicken, he won’t be able to eat any more eggs, but only eat corn.

He manages to keep this up for a while, but then his longing for eggs becomes too strong! He sees them everywhere. In the middle of the night he gets out of bed to go to his favourite restaurant and order a plate of eggs. But just as he is going to take the first bite, he thinks of Chicken and his love for her.

Chicken or the Egg use this YouTube video in your kids ministry to talk about the Bible story of the calling of Peter

As morning breaks we see Pig bringing Chicken a lovely plate of corn for breakfast in bed.

Why does this film go with today’s Bible story?

In the Bible story Jesus calls the disciples to follow Him. Just as Pig did, they had to leave something behind out of love for the other person – for them it was their job, their security, looking after their families. They left behind everything that was important to them in order to follow Jesus.

It’s not easy to leave behind something that you love. That’s what this film and the subsequent activity is all about.

A complete programme for your Sunday school

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school / kids ministry programme about the calling of the disciples and the miraculous catch of fish.

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What to do:

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