Eight Ideas For Creative Prayer

Stimulating children to communicate with God in prayer is so important! But how do we go beyond teaching children to close their eyes and say a prayer? We believe that using creative ways of prayer can be a great benefit in helping children, teenagers and adults to develop a stronger, dynamic and more vital prayer life! In this ideas you can find a small selection of our many easy to do creative prayer ideas.

1. Praying for the persecuted church - the complete liturgy

kaarsen7A complete liturgy in pdf based on the seven words of Jesus on the cross. You can use these seven creative prayer ideas to help children, teenagers and adults pray for persecuted Christians and the persecuted church all over the world. 

To download the complete PDf file, click on this link.

2. How can we teach the power of prayer in our kids ministry?

teaching power of prayer with a grass headIn this idea we will demonstrate how you can use a Grass Head to teach the children in your Sunday school lesson or during a children's moment in the service the power of prayer and the meaning of the word 'amen'.

To learn more about this creative prayer idea, click on this link.

3. Who is God for you?

whoisgodforyouA creative prayer idea that you can use within your kids ministry or youth work to think about who God is for us. God is much more inclusive than anyone thought. In this interactive creative prayer idea we discover who God is for us!

Want to know more about this creative interactive prayer idea, click on this link.

4. He leads me beside still waters

Clean water prayer ideaIn Psalm 23 we read that the shepherd leads us to quiet waters.  A creative prayer idea in which we're going to pray with the children in a practical way for clean water in countries with a lot of poverty. Praying  for clean and quiet water for people in this world

Discover more about this creative  prayer idea by clicking on this link.

5. The heart of ice - a demonstration of God's love 

heart of iceHow can we demonstrate the power of Gods love to our children?  How can we make something so beyond our understanding visual and tactile ? God's love is so amazing. Can we help them to experience a little bit of it? Maybe you can use the melting heart of ice.

Want to know more about this 'cold'creative prayer idea, click on this link.

6. Build your own prayer wall

wall2Recently I visited a church where they had literally built their own prayer wall. It looked like a real wall, but it was made out of cardboard boxes and cleverly chosen wall paper with a stone print. Church members and visitors were encouraged to write their prayers on pieces of paper and put these through ready-made holes in the wall. Very impressive, but also very easy.

Discover more about this creative  prayer idea by clicking on this link.

7. From a cross to a box for a homeless child

From a cross to a box for a homeless childIn our world there are many big cities where children are homeless. They live in sewers, under bridges or in cardboard boxes. For many children there is no shelter at all. A clear illustration and creative prayer idea for children and adults, whereby a cross can be changed into a box for homeless children to sleep in.

Want to know more about this special prayer idea, click on this link.

8. Thy will be done

Thy will be doneWhat does a paper aeroplane have to do with God’s will? How can you use paper aeroplanes to help children to think about this? Discover how easy it is...

To learn more about this creative prayer idea, click on this link.

Of course these are just some of the creative prayer ideas on Creative Kidswork. 
You can find all the other ideas here on the site.