Twelve Great Christmas Ideas For You

8Are you looking for Christmas ideas for this year? Here you'll find just twelve of our many Christmas ideas on the site.

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1. The Christmas show - an explanation of an hour long show that you can do!

kettle3This Christmas show is made up of a few puppet acts, five different object lessons, one quiz and fourteen different magic tricks!  To make it easy for you I have split the show into twenty small different parts with an instruction video for (almost) every part. With these ideas, the right magic tricks and a little bit of practice you can create a Christmas show of over an hour. But of course you can choose just one element or several elements and create a much shorter Christmas programme. The floor is all yours!

To learn more about this Christmas show, click on this link.

2. The Star of Bethlehem - a compass that points to Jesus

Looking at JesusIn Matthew 2 we read about the Magi who follow the Star of Bethlehem. Like a giant compass in the night sky it points to Jesus.  In the video in this idea I show an amazing and mind twisting exercise that you can do with children, teenagers and adults. This exercise is all about looking at Jesus and discovering what happens when we really focus on Him.

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3. A beautiful story involving the four candles of Peace, Trust, Love and Hope

image00You can use this idea in a Christmas service, in a school assembly or within your children’s ministry. For this story you need four big candles and four candle holders. I had everything in white, both the holders and the candles. Print out four cards with the words PEACE, TRUST, LOVE and HOPE on them. Make sure they are easily readable from a distance. Stick them onto the four candle holders.

If you want to discover more about this powerful Christmas idea, click on this link.

4. The Magi’s (a Christmas story)

magiThis is a great story about the journey of the three Magi from the East, which can either be told or enacted. It starts in Babel, the centre of all wise men. This story is not about any wise men though, it is about three very special wise men that knew a lot about astrology. They could link the placement and run of the starts in the sky with events happening in the world. This was something that the God of the Jews had forbidden. Quite ironic if you think about it…

You can download the complete script through this link 

5. A Christmas tree full of prayers

christmas tree prayerA creative prayer idea to motivate children and adults to pray using a Christmas theme. Usually the Christmas tree plays no role in the Christmas story, but we will use this tree 'to carry' our prayers.

To learn more about this creative prayer idea, click on this link.

6. Heaven invites you to a party! - a complete puppet script about the Christmas story.

HandpopWe have played this puppet script in both Dutch and Englsih junior schools and churches. It is about a boy who falls asleep and while dreaming becomes part of the Christmas Story. In his dream he discovers the real meaning of Christmas! You can use it also to explain the gospel to children.

You can download the complete puppet script through this link 

7. The painting of the son

sonA touching story that can be easily linked to the Christmas story - "Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought that painting would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings. The man who took the son gets everything!"

You can download the story through this link 

8. Joseph’s good example

Skewers Shish Kebab Barbecue Shish Kebab Skewer 60459This is a nice way for children and adults to respond to the good example that Joseph gave us. He was prepared to give up his own plans and to go God’s way. The only thing you need is some wooden skewers.

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9. The Puzzle of Christmas - make your Christmas service unforgettable

Christmas Puzzle 5Are you looking for something visual to tell the Christmas story and maybe explain the gospel? Maybe you can use the (giant) Christmas Puzzle... It's made up of four pieces. No, that cann't be right. Now there is a big hole in the puzzle. We finish with the cross. When we place Jesus – the meaning of the Christmas story in the centre of Christmas, the puzzle is complete

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10. You can smell God's love, just put your nose near this box

smellyboxGod's love becomes visible through the smell of the stable. You can tell children about God's love, but is it also possible to let the children smell God's love? We cannot recreate the stable and go there, but if you close your eyes, and open this box, the smell in the box might bring us a bit closer to the stable.

Discover this fun object lesson that you can easily use for Christmas.

11. Tell the Christmas story in a new way using a very easy magic trick

arrow boardWhat is the big story behind Christmas? Why did Jesus come? How do you explain this to children and adults in a Christmas service or in school assembly? You know, you can do this very easily with the Arrow Board magic trick. It is a board with two arrows. It looks spectacular, but is very easy to do. You can make such a board with some paint or some tape

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12. Your place in the stable

stableThis is a simple way to take people into the stable where Jesus was born. Using clay, children and adults can place themselves somewhere in the stable. Where are they in relation to Jesus?

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Of course these are just a few of wonderful Christmas ideas on Creative Kidswork. 
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