Six Powerful Object Lessons On the Holy Spirit

7As children's workers we want to teach children about the Holy Spirit - who is the Holy Spirit, and why did God send Him? Here you will filnd a selection of six great object lessons that will certainly help you to teach on this amazing subject.

1. The torch without batteries - being filled with the Spirit - being filled with the Spirit

torchA clear and fun object lesson to show what it means to let our light shiine. In this object lesson we see that we need the power and filling of the Holy Spirit to truly be that light. You could also combine this object lesson with the story of the wise and foolish virgins.

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2. The upside down cup - being open to the Spirt - being open to the Spirt

upside down cupWhat happens if you try pouring water into an upside down cup? Exactly, it all gets a bit messy! This easy object lesson illustrates our participation in order to be filled with God’s love and/or the Holy Spirit. It addresses the theme of conversion. 

To discover more about this wet object lesson on being open to the Spirit, click on this link.

3. How to make a rainbow using Skittles - the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit

rainbow skittlesLooking at the theme of the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit. All the fruit and the gifts are different, like the colours in the rainbow, but each one is important. You can also link the Skittles to the Body of Christ. As believers we are the Body of Christ. We are all different. We are colourful and that's good! 

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4. Dry worms are filled up again - being restored and refreshed by the Spirit

instantwormsWe are using Instant Worms to illustrate our need to be constantly restored and refreshed by the Spirit. This visual lesson shows children (and adults) how important it is to not only go to church on Sundays, but also to be filled during the week, through praying and reading the Bible. Otherwise we run the risk to start drying up.

Check out this cool experiment by clicking on this link.

5. The Holy Spirit is like the wind - being comforted by the Spirit

holy spirit is like the windAt Pentecost we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. However, just like the wind, you can’t see the Holy Spirit, which makes it hard. To the disciples, Jesus was like the sun, and His words were like the rain. You could see Him, hear Him and touch Him. Jesus actually said that it was better that He went away, so that the Comforter would come. This comforter is the Holy Spirit. You can’t see or hear Him, but He wants to blow through us with His wind.

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6. Jumping Hydrogel Beads in a hot pan - being on fire by the Spirit

hydrogel balls in hot frying panA cool science experiment with hydrogel beads about how we as Christians can be on fire for God by being filled by the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians 5:18 Paul writes: “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit.” In this object lesson we’re going to use hydrogel beads and a hot frying pan to demonstrate to children that we as Christians can be on fire for God by asking Him to fill us with His Spirit.

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