Five Fun Crafts Ideas

4Looking for craft ideas for your children's ministry?

Here you can find five of some of the craft ideas that we offer on this site...

1. How to make a marble run

marble run 1This is a craft idea that will especially appeal to boys, although girls will enjoy it too. For which Bible stories or themes could you use a marble run?

Think about the story of Jacob who saw a ladder going up to heaven. Or stories that have a building theme. Or what about stories where water plays an important role? Then if you use blue marbles, they can represent the flowing water. You could also use it at Christmas because of the angels who came from heaven, or as a picture of Jesus who came down from heaven. 

 To learn more about how to make a marble run, click on this link.

2. Psalm 150 - Thank you paper chain 

Paper Chain to thank God withIn Psalm 150 the writer calls us to praise God. When we praise God we are also thanking him for who he is and what he does. What are we thankful for? Do we tell God that we are thankful? Let’s make a paper chain of all sorts of things that we are thankful for.

To discover more about this fun prayer and crafts idea, click on this link.

3. Let's make crystals 

Abrams promise Sunday school kids ministry crystal makingTalk about the meaning of a promise. Read the Bible passage together. What does God promise Abram? Often it’s harder to believe in a promise if you can’t imagine how it could come true, or if you have to wait for a long time. Today we’re going to make crystals. This is a promise, but you’ll have to wait before you can see the crystals.

To check out this fun crafts idea, click on this link.

4. Create a night sky

abram1In the activity below we give you four easy craft ideas to (re)create a night sky with the children. You could use these ideas around God's promise to Abram, Advent or Christmas as you are thinking about the star of Bethlehem. Of course you can also use this idea also for the themes of creation and the greatness of God.

To find out more about these fun crafts ideas, click on this link.

5. Shooting at wolves - the Good Shepherd

wolfA shepherd should be able to defend himself against the wolves, that's why we’re going to have an arrow-shooting competition. We are going to the children how they can make their own arrow-shooter, and also how to make paper arrows.  Then we will put up some cardboard wolf heads, and see if the children can shoot their arrows and hit the wolves.

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Of course these are just a few of the fun crafts ideas on Creative Kidswork. 
You can find all the crafts ideas  here on the site.