Seven Cool Science Experiments

Let us introduce you to seven cool science experiments on our site

9We offer you lots of fun, Biblical and easy to do cool science experiments, that you can use within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry.

We picked these seven ideas to show you which Bible stories and Biblical lessons you can tell and teach with the use of a science experiment.

1. How to use a Useless Box in your kids ministry  

Use the Useless Box for an object lesson

Have you ever heard of a Useless Box? It is a modern gadget that is seemingly totally useless. But we think it is a great way to tell Bible stories! Stories such as: 'God calling Moses near the burning bush', 'Paul's struggle with the flesh in Romans 7' and 'Jesus healing the centurion's servant.'

To learn more about an useless box, click on this link.

2. Believing you are right even when you are not! 

certainThis is fun illustration that you can use for teenagers and adults when you talk about being certain of something. Sometimes we totally believe that we are right even when we're not. When you use the gimmick that I demonstrate in the video below it will open the conversation. Hopefully it will help you talk about the truth of the Bible, what is faith? 

To learn more about this cool science experiment, click on this link.

3. Make a rainbow of snow

snow instantThis is not only a fun and spectacular experiment! We are offering you six powerful Biblical lessons that you can teach about while using a rainbow of snow. Lessons like the promises of God, the story of the Jesus calming the storm, the names of Jesus, the diversity of the church, the fruit of the Spirit and the names of God.

To learn more about how you make a rainbow of slnow,click on this link.

4. Create an altar of thanksgiving with a home-made lava lamp

altarDifferent people in the Bible created an altar as a way to thank God or to worship Him. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could also make an altar. An altar that we can use to thank God for all the good things He has given us. Or maybe use to worship God with. Of course we can't use a fire or an animal, but maybe we can use a lava lamp…

To learn more about you can make your own lava lamp, click on this link..

5. How to tell any Bible story using the Iodine and Thiosulfate Reaction

chemical cross Such a  simple yet spectacular experiment. With the help of iodine, starch and sodium thiosulfate you can tell any Bible story. Discover how...

To learn more about tis wonderful science experiment, click on this link.

6. How to create e a rainbow in a bowl of milk

rainbow of milkDid you know that you can create the most beautiful colour effects, even a rainbow, in a bowl of milk? You can combine this experiment with several Bible stories or Christian themes: creation, Noah and the rainbow, the Bethlehem star, light conquering darkness and the cross.  

Want to know how to make a rainbow in milk, click on this link.

7. The Sinking Orange Experiment

Jesus and the Samaritan womanWhat happens when you place a unpeeled orange into a bowl of water? Will it sink or float? And what happens when it is peeled? Which Bible stories can you tell with this experiment? What do you think about:  Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman, Jesus walking on the water, God's protection for His people, the great cloud of witnesses in Hebrew 12.

Want to know more about how you can use the floating orange experiment, click on this link..

Of course these are just a few of the cool science experiments on Creative Kidswork.
You can find all our easy to do experiments here on the site.