Five Of Our Best Object Lessons

Let us introduce you to our Top 5 object lessons


Here at Creative Kidswork we offer you literally hundreds of fun, Biblical, easy to do object lessons that you can use within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry. We at Creative Kidswork really believe in the power of the object lesson. Maybe we can get you also excited about them by giving you six reasons why you should use them. 

Object lessons:
- can help you to communicate an (abstract) Biblical truth in a clear and easy way. 
- are fun! 
- are visual! 
- will help children remember the Biblical lessons much longer. 
- can (very often) be reproduced at home, so children can demonstrate what they have learned
- can be of educational value. 

Nr 1 - The Energy Stick - a must have for any children’s worker, youth worker or pastor

energystickInvite a few children to come forward. Ask them to stand in a circle and hold hands. Take the energy stick in your right hand and take the hand of the child on your left. Ask the child on your right to also take hold of the other end (the silver end) of the energy stick. When they do this, something amazing happens. Lights go on and you hear a funny noise.

To learn more about our number 1 object lesson, click on this link.

Nr 2 - The (Holy) Trinity explained with the use of a Matryoska doll

russiandollHow do you explain the Biblical truth of the (Holy) Trinity n a way that they can see it and understand it? Of course you can use the image of an egg or the image of water. But did you know that you can also use a Matryoshka doll / Russian doll to very easily and visually explain the truth of the Trinity to them?

To learn more about our number 2 object lesson, click on this link.

Nr 3 - How to make a stick drawing magically come to life

brind a stick drawing to lifeYou can create a magical moment by bringing a stick figure to life. Ideal for when you do a talk about creation, the raising of Lazarus, Moses floating in the river, being alive in Christ, the raising of the son of the widow of Nain. 

To learn more about our number 3 object lesson, click on this link.

Nr 4 - Probably the best object lesson on the theme of faith

best object lesson on faithYou ask a child, teenager or adult to sit on a chair. You fill the cup with water and you promise them that you will turn the cup over above their heads, but that no water will come out.  Can they trust you? It is hard to trust when everything inside you screams the opposite. This is what faith is!

To learn more about our number 4 object lesson, click on this link.

Nr 5 - Demonstrating Jesus' power with the use of a balancing Soda Can

The only object lesson you can do all over the worldDid you know you can use a balancing Soda Can to tell any Bible story about Jesus healing and restoring people? And the great thing is that you can find a Soda Can all over the world. Wherever you are, you can do this object lesson

To learn more about our number 5 object lesson, click on this link.

Of course these are just a few of the hundreds of object lessons on Creative Kidswork. 
You can find all our object lessons here on the site.