Game - Abram's call: ‘Simon says’

Are you good at listening?

Ask the group to stand up. The leader gives all sorts of instructions for the children to follow, for example jump, squat, stand on one leg etc. The children are only allowed to do it if the leader first says ‘Simon says’. So, when the leaders says ‘Simon says jump’, the children have to jump. If the leader just says ‘Jump’ then they have to stay still. If you move, you’re out.


Afterwards you can talk with the children about how it’s sometimes really hard to listen properly. What sort of things shouldn’t you do even if someone tells you to do them? If you were Abram, would you have listened to what God told you to do? Why /why not?

Duration: 15 minutes

Tags: Games , Abram / Abraham - patriarch, God's voice

Scripture reference: Genesis 12:1 – 9
You can use this idea in a: Sunday School lesson, Sunday school class, children's ministr, Messy church,, kids time, craft's time