Object lesson - Jesus is born: Candles of Christmas

The story of the four candles

This  is the story of four candles – the candle of Peace, the candle of Trust, the candle of Love and of course the candle of Hope. 

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on the birth of Jesus. 


What do you need: 

- four large candles and four candle holders.
- four cards with the words PEACE, TRUST, LOVE and HOPE on them.
  Make sure they are easily readable from a distance and place them in front of the four candles, or
  stick them around the candles.
- a glass to put over one of the candles to put it out.


Before you start telling the story, light all four candles. 

What do you do: 

Tags: Object lessons, Christmas , Children's moments in church, Advent , Light / Darkness

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