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YouTube video: ‘The Wish Granter’ - (un)answered prayer

Watch this short video with your Sunday school class 

A funny short video story about a wishing well in which a coin gets stuck so that the wish almost doesn’t come true. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the Wish Granter to sort it out. As I was watching this video on Youtube looking for video material for our children’s ministry, I started thinking about prayer.

talking with children about the theme of prayer in a sunday school or kids ministry

How do children think that prayer works?

Within our children’s work we teach children about praying, but wouldn’t it be interesting to discover what children really think, know, wonder or imagine about praying.

I think this video below is ideal to ask the children in your Sunday school class or within your children’s ministry this question: “How do you think that prayer works?”

I  would suggest that you watch the video together. When it is finished, ask them what they thought about it. After listening to them you could ask them some of the following questions:

-  What has this video to do with prayer?
-  Do you think praying is like throwing a coin into a wishing well? 
-  Is God a kind of ‘wish granter’ who is working very hard to give us all we want?Or maybe all we need?
-  What is the difference between praying and this video?

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