Game - Abram's call: ‘Let’s travel to Canaan’

A fun Bible game that will help you reflect on the story of God calling Abram

With this game you can act out the journey of Abram and go through the story again by asking the children different questions.

Children love quizzes. They are also very helpful as teaching tools.

Three quick benefits that a quiz will bring you:

1. If you tell the children beforehand that you are going to do a quiz and that you are going to ask questions about the Bible story that you are going to tell, they will listen more attentively to the story.

2. As you go through the quiz questions you are really telling the story a second time without the children noticing it. This reinforces the teaching in the story.

3. As the children answer the questions they will explain the teaching points in the story to you. Because the children talk about the important elements of the story they understand them better and will remember them longer.

Travel to Canaan a fun creative activity Bible game about the Bible story of God calling Abram for Sunday school Bible lesson youth work kids ministry

The quiz:

You will find the quiz and all the question below…

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