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Magic trick - Magic umbrella: ‘Finding refuge in the names of Jesus’

This is probably one of my favourite magic tricks. I currently use it as an ending to two of my Christian children's theatre shows. I like it because it is so easy, but it always gives a 'wow' effect. 

You take the red umbrella out of the tube. When you open the umbrella you can show that it is a normal one. You close the umbrella and put it back into the tube. Show eight several coloured silks to the audience. Then, put them into a bag, and suddenly the bag changes into the top of the umbrella and all the silks have disappeared. Pick up the tube and pull the umbrella out. Now the top has been disappeared and instead of the top, the eight silks are hanging on the umbrella.


In my show and at the end of a school assembly I use this trick to recall the different of names of Jesus that we have learned during the show. I will demonstrate this in the video below...

The names of Jesus, finding refuge with Him

Magic Umbrella:
You can use the Magic Umbrella trick:
176.  To teach people about the names of Jesus
177.  To teach on the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5: 22 - 23)
178.  To teach on finding refuge in the names of God
179.  To teach on self-esteem and showing your talents
180.  To teach on unity and diversity in the church and on the question: 'Who may belong to God's family?'

Watch the video:
Below I show you how you can use this trick to teach children, teenagers and adults about the names of Jesus.

I will also show you where you can buy your own version of the Magic Umbrella Deluxe

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