Experiment - Rainbow of snow: ‘The names of Jesus’

A rainbow as a symbol of the wonderful names of Jesus

In this video we use the rainbow of snow experiment to illustrate the wonderful names of Jesus. This really helps us to realise who He is! The rainbow can be used as a powerful symbol of this. 

This video is part of a series of seven which demonstrate the different stories and themes you can illustrate with the rainbow of snow. 

snow instant

The complete series covers the following themes:

Idea 162.  Demonstration video with links to webshops
Idea 163.  Rainbow of snow – the promises of God
Idea 164.  Rainbow of snow – the story of the Jesus calming the storm
Idea 165.  Rainbow of snow – the names of Jesus
Idea 166.  Rainbow of snow – the diversity of the church
Idea 167.  Rainbow of snow – the fruit of the Spirit
Idea 168.  Rainbow of snow – the names of God

Watch the video below.

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