Object lesson - Abram's call: ‘I know that sound!’

A fun activity that will help you reflect on the story of God calling Abram

It is not always easy to listen well. “Did I really hear that?”, is a logical question. Do you think Abram sometimes wondered if he had really heard God speaking? How did Abram know that it was God calling him, and how do you think he heard God?

The second of four short activities that you can use to help the children reflect on the story of Abram hearing God’s voice calling him to move with his family.


I know that sound a fun creative activity about the Bible story of God calling Abram for Sunday school Bible lesson youth work kids ministry 2

The four reflection ideas:
1. Make some noise!
2. I know that sound!
3. Let’s build our own old fashioned phone 
4. What do you hear?

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