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Bible story - Abram and a pregnant Hagar - Easy to tell Bible story

An easy to tell Bible story on Abram, Sarai and Hagar

Waiting is difficult. Abram and Sarai have lived in Canaan for ten years now. And there is still no child. The dream that Abram had about the stars was such a long time ago. Could Abram have just dreamed it all? Maybe there will be no child at all. Maybe he just misunderstood God.

Sarai has thought about it too. She even has a plan. Sarai has come to the conclusion that sometimes you have to help God a little. Everyone knows that she cannot have children. Maybe God did'nt mean that they would have a child together. Who knows, maybe God meant for Abram to have a child with another woman. That must be it! At night, Sarai lies thinking and planning. Abram ought to take her slave Hagar as a second wife. Perhaps she could bear a child.

One morning she tells Abram her plan.

Easy to tell bible story on Abram Sarai and a pregnant Hagar

"Abram, do you remember your dream about the stars? We have been waiting so long now."

Abram sighs... He sighs deeply....

Sarai continues. "Maybe we have misunderstood God. We can't wait until I get pregnant. Look at me Abram, I'm so old. That's never going to work, is it?"

Abram shakes his head and sighs. He looks so defeated.

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