Icebreaker - Acts 4 - Let's swap

With an icebreaker you introduce the children at the beginning of the children's work to the theme in a introduction to the theme in a playful manner.

Today we reflect on the first church. A group of new believers who were all separate at first, and now have become a beautiful puzzle in which they are in unity with each other in everything and share with each other.

There is really a deep unity among the believers, in which they share everything with each other and agree on everything. Everyone has food to eat. Rich people sell their house or a piece of land and give that money to the apostles. The apostles then shared this among the poor.

Many pieces make up a puzzle Object lesson on Acts 4 early church unity

What you need:

- cards with different amounts of money on them, from very low amounts to very high amounts
- toothpick sticks of different lengths

What to do:

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