Discover five powerful benefits of using Bible games in your children’s ministry

11Are Bible games just an element of ‘clean’ (or sometimes messy) fun within your Sunday school lesson of kids ministry?

Yes and no! Discover five powerful benefits of using Bible games in your children’s ministry:

Benefit 1: Bible games create an element of fun in our children’s work.

The element of fun is very important. Helping children to learn and apply Biblical truth in their lives is a serious undertaking, but that doesn’t mean that it is not allowed to be fun as well. Wouldn’t it be great if kids really looking forward to coming to the Sunday school lesson or children’s ministry?

Benefit 2: Bible games make our children’s work also boys friendly

Within our children’s work it is very easy to focus especially on the girls with fun crafts, singing, listening quietly to a Bible story, etc. Some boys like these things as well, but other boys thrive on competition and fun and daring elements. By regularly using different Bible games within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry we make it easier for boys to enjoy coming to our children’s work.

Benefit 3: Bible games help our children to listen better to the Bible story

During my 25 years of being fulltime involved in children’s ministry I have discovered that children will listen better to the Bible story if they know that we are going to do a Bible game about the story afterwards. So I tell them beforehand. I tell the children that after the story we are going to do a Bible game with questions about the story. Now suddenly their attention to the Bible story increases, because they all want to win.

Benefit 4: Bible games help you tell the Bible story twice without the kids noticing

After you have told the Bible story to the children, you do a Bible game about the story. What you are really doing, is telling the story again and asking the children certain questions about the Bible story at the appropriate place within the story. But this time it happens within a setting full of fun and competition, so that kids won’t really notice that you are telling the story again. Of course you don’t go into as many details as in the first time. It is more a telling of the main story line and important teaching points within the story.

Benefit 5: Bible games help the children to verbalize the most important teaching points in the lesson

It is important that we as children’s workers take time to think about the right questions that we want to ask the children within our Bible game. What is the right question?
The right question will help the child to reflect and verbalize the main teaching points within the lesson. By asking good questions about these teaching points, we can dig deeper and help the children to learn more from the Bible story than they would without a Bible game.

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